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our team

Enrico Orlandi

founder, music director and educator at lepredizioni musicali, enrico is a film, tv and video game composer. He graduated summa cum laude at berklee college of music in 2017, working on numerous short film, documentaries and video games ever since. Right now he lives and works between Rome and Los Angeles. He's also an associate of the publishing house La Lepre Edizioni.

Giuseppe Taccini

Sound engineer, producer and C.T.O. at lepredizioni, Giuseppe joined the project in 2017, after graduating at berklee college of music. Since then he worked on more than 70 productions at lepredizioni, receiving international acclaim and success. 

Emanuele Donnini

Emanuele is a mixing engineer and producer with more than 30 years of experience. He even helped to build lepredizioni's studio from scratch! He worked with the most important italian artists, including Elisa and Il Volo.

alessandro orlandi

Mathematician, academic researcher, high school teacher, Alessandro is a writer and a musician, too. From 2007 he runs a publishing house in Rome called La Lepre edizioni. Lepredizioni Musicali is the musical branch of it.

marco castelluzzo

Also known as "Wepro", marco is a successful singer, producer and composer who worked for italian tv, real-time and disney. He joined lepredizioni in 2018 as in-house producer and songwriter, also recording his singles "La Fame Chimica" and "Un Male Cane" in our studio.

matteo costanzo

producer, composer and multi-intrumentalist, Matteo has worked with lepredizioni multiple times, also recording his singles, "hope" and "nessuno mi sente" in our studio. His first solo LP will come out soon.

federico masetti

federico has worked at lepredizioni for the project musicXchange (which sees him as c.e.o.), which is an initiative that aims to share, promote and preserve traditional music and culture, and use the power of music as a tool to generate a positive change in the world.

mario romano

guitarist, composer and producer, mario has taken part to numerous sessions in lepredizioni's studio, recording his first solo album here. 

simone numat

sound engineer, producer but also founder of the kate creative studio, simone has worked at various music production at lepredizioni musicali's studios.